Saltwater Fishing Trips from Edgewater, FL

Whether you are a professional angler or new to the sport, our saltwater fishing trips from Edgewater, FL offers an incredible inshore fishing experience. There are a variety of species that are fun to catch like redfish, which normally grow to a desirable length, and black drum, which are caught seasonally on the flats and year-round in the deeper crevices of the creeks. Others include snook and barracuda.

Tarpon Fishing

Also, tarpon fishing gives anglers a chance to catch this big game fish that flourish in the warm waters of the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon. They typically weigh in from 20 – 200 pounds, making it one of the biggest catches in the sport. These inshore fishing areas also have undersea structures that are ample breeding grounds for the growth of this particular specie of saltwater fish. Tarpon are one of the most sought after game fish because of its silvery appearance and its enormous size.

Inshore Fishing

Mosquito Lagoon does not just attract tarpon but also entices other species such as sea trout and redfish. In fact, it’s a unique place that’s sometimes referred to as the “redfish capital of the world”. This is because redfish do not migrate from this region but often remain here and grow to an astonishing length of 30 – 50 inches long. The lagoon is also home to snook, ladyfish, bluefish, jack crevalle, flounder, and sheepshead.

Charter Fishing Edgewater

Our saltwater charter fishing trips from Edgewater also take guests through the Indian River, which is another prime inshore fishing location for tarpon. This fishing ground provides anglers with numerous species of fish. It has sea trout and big redfish with weights of more than 40 pounds.

About Captain Stickles

Your captain, Jason Stickles is licensed by the United States Coast Guard and knows where to find prized catches, especially when seasonal species have migrated and the number of fish is very limited. He is skillful and experienced; thus, will undoubtedly provide you with helpful tips for a more enjoyable fishing experience. Stickles is a native Floridian who has spent the better part of his life fishing in the local waters around the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River. Under his command, the whole family will have a fun and memorable saltwater fishing experience.

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